MILE Induction 1819

MILE has had a glorious culture of very rigorous and energetic Induction program. The MILE PGDM 1820 batch was welcomed with lots of excitement and made a part of a memorable journey of three weeks which gave them an overall exposure on their current and future management professional life. This 20 days module was a well planned and structured program filled with professional interactions and plenty of learnings. It officially flagged off this year, on the 18th June 2018 and closed on 8th July 2018 with the following phases:
DatePhase / PartProgram / Activity
18th – 23rd June'18Phase IIntroduction to MILE
24th June'18Part I - OrientationSessions with Industry Stalwarts
25th - 30th June'18Phase IIIntroduction to Corporate Life
1st July'18Part II - OrientationSessions with Industry Stalwarts
2nd - 7th July'18Phase IIIIntroduction to Self
8th July'18Part III - OrientationSessions with Industry Stalwarts
8th July'18
360* FeedbackSession on Induction 1819
9th July'18
Commencement of Trimester I Classes for PGDM Batch 1820


MILE Induction 1819 : The main goal of the induction program is to help students shift gears from college to Bschool life. Specifically, we hope that at the end of the program, students are committed and excited about learning and growth, and appreciate that learning is crucial for their career and future. This program will also help students to appreciate the importance of professionalism and values and at the same time will help them in establishing a healthy bonding within the student community. Are better prepared for effective self-management – life skills, time management, effective study habits, the balance between studies and extra-curricular activities, managing moods/addiction, etc. so they can achieve the most from their stay at MILE Campus.
The program is compulsory for all incoming students and have to attend all the sessions.
Each day’s program will encompass a mixture of different types of activities: talks, panel discussions, presentations; hands-on activities and group work; sports; cultural. Detailed schedule is given below.  It will largely be organized and managed by Student Council of MILE Campus and student volunteers. Most sessions are interactive – students will be encouraged to express their views and participate actively. For any further information about the program, contact <>
Motivation is one the most important factors that influence how well a student does in studies (or how well a person does on work.) This session will discuss with students issues relating to motivation and help them self-motivate so they can study more effectively.
Many students end up spending too much time on some type of tasks, or wasting time, even though they would like to lead a balanced life and spend time judiciously among various activities and goals. This session will discuss the importance of effective time management, the major time wasting activities, and how students can plan their time, and then follow the plan for effectively managing their time so they can get the most from their college life.