MILE Messenger

Executive Director’s Desk

Dr. Neeraj Sharma : ” MILE has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last few years. Having won the much acclaimed ‘BBC’ and ‘World   Education Summit Awards, MILE also made news recently at Singapore, by winning the ‘Best Brand’ by World’s  Greatest   Brands & Leaders 2016-17 Asia & Gulf Cooperation and Council Countries AwardsWe give the ‘Best In Leadership Excellence‘ through our association with all our core stakeholders, then be it our Students,  Alumni, Academic Partners or our Corporate Partners. With a state of art new MILE Tower and educational campus at Wagholi, Pune, we at Lexicon Group’s MILE have established ourselves in the league of global standards of higher education, to reckon with. 

MILE Messenger is a monthly package of all the interesting times of MILE Life. It showcases the joys and highs of a MILEr’s life. We invite all of you to wholeheartedly participate in this initiative of our Social Media & Marketing Team, through your contributions, thoughts, ideas, articles, experiences et all, to make it a rich and interesting read for all. Wish you all a Great Life ahead !

Director’s Desk

Dr. Susen Varghese : “MILE life of two years is full of colors and vibrancy and an experience of exuberance in learning life lessons, may it be, professional or personal. My most sincere wishes to our SMM Team for this excellent initiative to bring all the different shades of MILE life of MILErs, through this monthly magazine.”

Dean Academics’ Desk

Prof. Raju Varghese : A  famous book by Bryan   Kramer has the title,” There Is   No B2B Or B2C: It’s Human to   Human: H2H.“ It is this Human   Touch that the SMM content team is striving to create through its first endeavor, “The Mile Messenger”. The messenger will showcase all academic, non-academic, extracurricular and co-curricular activities at MILE. This is an impressive array. We would invite you all to be a part of it.

SMM Team Desk

Prof. Gajanan Nerkar : At MILE, life is a combination of joy and pride with academic learning. The Social Media Marketing (SMM) Committee strives hard to capture those moments of joyfulness and present to all a collage of #MILE life. We ensure high standards of integrity in sketching the bird-eye view of MILE. We believe that learning is continuous and we celebrate life through its events and values. Our students are our assets and the faculties are our intellectual capital. Through SMM committee, we wish to build up a grand reflection of brand. MILE. Our creative team has been constituted by creative designers, techno-freaks and multi-talented MILErs.

Mr. Wilson D’Cruz : If you’re relatively new to the social media marketing, just know that the industry is in constant flux. This means even the most experienced marketer is often restarting the adventure, over and over. My way of approach is to build upon perception and how prospective students generally visualize our brand in compare to the competitors. I express my gratitude to all for their Likes, Comments, Shares and Views…